FURD believes that racism and discrimination is often caused by ignorance, and therefore education is key. We have many resources available to equip people with knowledge and tools to improve understanding between people and communities.

Our resources centre has underpinned the project’s educational work since 1997, when our library was first opened. 

Our resources and information work includes a public lending library, exhibitions, enquiry service, the Arthur Wharton archive and this website.  We aim to tackle racism and other forms of discrimination by increasing the availability of relevant and user-friendly anti-racist and pro-equality resources coupled with ideas about how they can be used.

The library at the U-Mix Centre, Sheffield, supports FURD’s work and includes films, teaching packs, books, comics, research reports and more.  Subjects include racism and other forms of discrimination in football, in other sport and wider society, black history, football coaching, youth and community work, women’s football, sports sociology and more. Visitors are welcome, but we can try and help you by phone or email if you can’t visit in person.

Most of our resources can be borrowed in return for a £2 deposit on each item, which is returned when the resource is returned.

You can search the catalogue from the link below.