Our Work

Community cohesion

From its beginnings, FURD has taken a positive, asset based approach to building community resilience to promote community cohesion.


In the early days of the charity, this approach focused on using a shared love of football (the world’s most popular game), as a way of positively engaging people. Football, if managed correctly, can be a great 'arena' for the breaking down of barriers and bringing together of people from different backgrounds.

FURD’s work suggests that the model of engagement through inclusive, community based activities, followed by an accessible positive progression route, also benefits other excluded or marginal groups. Over the years FURD staff has worked hard to address inequality and prejudice.

This understanding underpins FURD’s approach to working with not just young people, but other groups within the community whose opportunities are limited by some form of exclusion and who may be dealing with a variety of complex challenges.

There are issues of conflict between groups in the community – but equally, there is an interest from young people in particular in activities to help address this.

“FURD can help people relate to each other and get on better”; “You need to provide opportunities where we can have an honest dialogue”; “we want the chance to talk about subjects that are important to us”, are typical of the views that have been expressed to us.