Young people take positive action against conflict

24 Sep 2008 / News

Young volunteers from FURD's Youth Against Conflict group and v scheme have worked alongside InterAct Theatre to produce a Conflict Resolution education pack. The pack includes a DVD featuring members of the Youth Against Conflict group who have personally faced the issues raised. It follows the stories of two young people, each involved in a situation of conflict. It looks at different ways of handling the situations and what the consequences of each way may be. One story features an argument between rival gangs that spirals and concludes in a knife attack. The other enters the world of a 15-year-old Muslim girl who is bullied at school when she chooses to wear the Hijaab.

The DVD comes with a supporting booklet containing suggested discussion points, drama activities and background information. It is designed for youth workers, teachers and facilitators to use with young people.

The group is currently planning a launch event for the pack. Contact FURD for more information about obtaining a copy of the pack. It is also available now for loan from the FURD library.