Young people honoured for volunteering

11 May 2011 / News

For the last ten years, FURD has run programmes to encourage and support young people to undertake voluntary work in the community. This was initially funded through the Millennium Volunteers scheme, and for the last 3 years by the Vinvolved programme, through which FURD has supported over a thousand 16-25 year olds into voluntary work. This programme has now closed, and to thank the young people involved, FURD held a celebration event on 27th April at the Royal Victoria Holiday Inn in Sheffield. Young volunteers themselves did most of the organising of the event, which was a very special occasion involving a drinks reception, a buffet, speeches, performances by the SD Crew and Rationale dance crew, singers from FURD's Soundkickers project, and the presentation of certificates to dozens of young people by the Lord Mayor, Alan Law.

FURD Trustee Kevin Titterton attended the event and commented:

"The Young Peoples Awards the other night were incredibly uplifting. Not only in so much as in showcasing the level of commitment, dedication and hard work of those young people who have earned their accolades. Nor just in highlighting the terrific work that the project as a whole does. But also in emphasising how important such a project, such work and such young local talent is in both making our communities better, and in the personal development of young people."

All is not lost, however, and in recognition of the importance and value of involving volunteers in our work, FURD will continue to support young people who are interested in volunteering wherever we can. This will be made possible in part by two new shemes that we've recently secured funding for - 'Improving Outcomes' and 'One-All' - watch this space for more information, coming soon!