Urban Smackdown

02 Jul 2003 / News

FURD along with Sheffield First for Safety were successful in organising a music event that was staged in Sheffield to raise young people’s awareness of crime and drugs.

Club lighting, huge screens, and live music were used to get the message across at the Nelson Mandela Building/Sheffield Hallam University Student’s Union.

The day featured live acts from DJ Rugged, DJ Vital, DJ Razor and DJ Skillz, as well as DJ/MC-in, breakdancing workshops and free food!

Various artists from around the UK spoke to young people aged 13-18 about how their talents have steered them away from crime. The police and city council executives spoke about crime, community safety and personal safety.

Chief Constable Mike Hedges said:” This event is an excellent way of delivering a very serious message in a non-traditional way that is relevant to young people.”

Urban Smackdown was planned by a group of FURD/ Millennium Volunteers and one of them had this to say-“We are really excited about Urban Smackdown. It is great that it tells us what we want to know instead of what they think we want to know.”- (Uzma Bibi Age 17)