United Colours of Football (3) fanzine and National Anti-Racist Week

11 Sep 2001 / News

The National Anti-Racist Week (in football) will take place from 11 October to the 21 October 2001 - an eleven day 'week' due to the new TV arrangements, so enabling all clubs to have the opportunity to include activities at a home game. It also falls within Black History Month.

Activities will take place at football clubs, amongst fans, community groups, schools and youth

groups. Why not organise some activities through your fanzine, with your group, or at your club? You could, for example:

- Help distribute a new United Colours of Football 3 fanzine outside your local club,

- Produce your own anti-racist leaflet,

- Get involved in running community activities, for example, a 5-a-side competition,

- Make an anti-racist statement inside a stadium such as holding up placards or messages at a match,

- Display the History of Black Footballers Exhibition during the week.

A 'Community Chest’ of £400 has been set aside to be offered to 30 groups of fans, community groups or schools who wish to organise their own activities locally. To apply simply e-mail an outline of your idea to Kick It Out at info@kickitout.org, or ring Kick It Out on 020 7684 4884.

'Football Unites, Racism Divides' (FURD) is helping to produce the latest 'United Colours of Football' (3) fanzine, and we are currently inviting contributions, in particular from individual fans and fanzines. It could be a new piece of writing or something that has appeared in a fanzine in the past 12 months. If you have anything, then please email FURD resources worker Ruth Johnson, or post it to the address above. Please obtain the agreement from the authors of any contributions which you may submit. Unfortunately there is a tight deadline and contributions need to be in by this Friday.