Streetkick tour moves to Innsbruck

15 Jun 2008 / News

Saturday, June 14

The day centred around the Spain v Sweeden game that took place.

The Streetkick event was hugely busy, and the town seemed to be awash with a sea of yellow and blue as the Sweedes converged on Innsbruck.

There were plenty of Spanish fans around also, but the Swedes were by far the dominant force - which was reinforced by the number of Swedish fans that had managed to get tickets in the Spanish seating areas during the game.

Despite the fact that the Swedish could give anyone a run for their money in terms of alcohol consumption (including the Brits), the atmosphere was electric but very friendly with opposing fans being pleasant towards one another and the locals.

Friday, June 13
The Austrian leg of FARE's Streetkick tour got under way with a well attended event under the clouds in the centre of Innsbruck - where the FURD streetkick team will be based for the next week.

The event went very well with all football fans seeming to be in good spirits.

FARE partner agencies and volunteers from the Innsbruck fan embassy assisted in the running of the event, which took place in front of the the Landers Theatre.

From a personal point of view (and being of African Caribbean origin) my first full day in Innsbruck was filled with mixed feelings.

There was the obvious feeling of excitement that came about as a result of finally being involved in Euro 2008.

However, with regards to the reasons for being out here in Austria, my feelings ranged from anger, disappointment and a general feeling of 'why am I here' after being racially abused in a 'drive-by' car incident at a public crossing - which could conceivably happen in many cities around Europe, to a feeling that it may be worthwhile after all after being congratulated by an elderly couple for our anti-racist campaign during the tournament.