Somali Blades in Anti-Racist World Cup Final!

10 Jul 2001 / News

A 33-strong party of staff and Millennium Volunteers from FURD has just returned from a 5-day trip to the 5th anti-racist World Cup in Montecchio, Italy. For the first time the FURD party included a women's posse who played football, ran an information stall, sold t-shirts and did henna painting. 3 teams from FURD were among around 100 teams from fan groups, immigrants' groups and anti-racist projects from around the world. The Somali Blades reached the final where they were beaten by an Italian fans' team. Sharrow United and FURD/MV teams also took part, the FURD team including both men and women, with an age range of 12-57! The FURD team is seen here celebrating winning a match!