Sheaf Valley Health and Wellbeing Consortium

06 Dec 2017 / News

FURD has joined other local organisations to form the Sheaf Valley Health and Wellbeing Consortium in a drive to help local people to get involved in enjoyable, healthy activities close to home.

The Consortium consists of partners working together including Heeley Development Trust (HDT), Shipshape Health and Wellbeing Centre, Sloan Medical Centre and Heeley Asian Women's Group as well as Football Unites, Racism Divides.

Details of activities and sessions for adults offered by the partner organisations are listed on a 'Health and Wellbeing' webpage - follow the link below.

< P>There is also a link from that page to a referral form which GPs and other health and community organisations can use to refer their clients and users to an activity of their choice, and individuals can also refer themselves using the form