Refugee Footballers in Britain exhibition

01 Oct 2012 / News

FURD has produced a new exhibition to highlight the contributions of footballers coming from a refugee background.

The exhibition begins with Spanish Civil War refugees playing in the 1940s and uses a series of case studies of past and present players, including Fabrice Muamba, to illustrate some of the issues facing refugees. Background information about the players' countries of origin and reasons for seeking refuge is also included.

The exhibition consists of nine panels, each measuring 82cm by 58cm. It was produced as part of FURD's Big Lottery-funded research project 'Football: A Shared Sense of Belonging?'  

It can be viewed online by clicking the link below, or from our Online Resources page. The 'hard copy' is on loan to Sheffield College until 24th October, but after that is available to hire from FURD.