Pilotlight scheme

17 Mar 2015 / News

FURD are delighted to announce that we have been successful in our application to the Pilotlight scheme. The scheme aims to match charities such as ourselves with business professionals to provide free strategic planning and support. The main aim of the partnership is to help us support disadvantaged groups in the UK.

Pilotlight`s model is to coach charities leadership enabling them to develop their business skills, strengthen the organisation and increase the impact that charities have in their local communities.

Our agreement has seen us matched with four skilled business leaders who have volunteered to work closely with FURD over the next year to support us with their knowledge and expertise in appropriate areas.

Our main intentions to come out of the partnership are as follows:

Firstly, to assist us to think differently so we can approach opportunities and challenges strategically which will help us to incorporate and involve even more young people.

Secondly, aid us to strip down the organisation to analyse what FURD`s DNA is and the dynamics it operates by.

Thirdly, create a working business model which is sustainable and flexible enough to adapt to a range of potential scenarios. For example, a cut in funding.

Next, develop a theory of change for the organisation and finally improve financial stability which is imperative for a charity of our stature.

The agreement should see us go from strength to strength with the guidance of industry experts, which means exciting times are ahead in the development and expansion of Football Unites Racism Divides.