'Out of Africa': free film show about the history of African footballers

28 Oct 2014 / News

This Friday, 31st October, to celebrate Black History Month, we are having a free film screening of 'Out of Africa', a documentary about the history of African footballers in the UK from the late 19th century to the present day.

The maker of the film, Manny Abbeyquaye, will be present to introduce and discuss the film, and it's also the first opportunity to see the accompanying 'Out of Africa' exhibition in Sheffield.

It starts at 6pm at the U-Mix Centre and refreshments will be available after the film. We expect the event to finish no late than 8pm.

The 'Out of Africa' film, exhibition and accompanying education pack are among the many resources which are available for loan from FURD's Resources and Information Centre. Please contact us for more information.