New resources

24 Jul 2001 / News

New resources are always being added to our library and are there to be borrowed. Here are some of our recent additions - contact us if you're interested in borrowing them, or any of our other resources.

Books and reports

'Windrush: the Iresistible Rise of Multi-Racial Britain’ by Mike & Trevor Phillips

‘Memoir of a Fascist Childhood’ by Trevor Grundy

‘Working Group on Football Disorder: Report & Recommendations’ by Lord Bassam

‘Laws of Association Football 2000-2001: Guide for Players and Referees’ by the Football Association

'Help Yourself: Your Guide to Voluntary, Community and Statutory Organisations in Sheffield: 2001 edition'

'Soldiers of Evil: the Commandants of the Nazi Concentration Camps' by Tom Segev

'Tackle It! Tackle Racism in Rugby League'.

Guidelines for Dealing with Racist Incidents in Schools by Sheffield City Council

Forced Out: the Agony of the Refugee in our Time by C Kismaric

Books for children

‘The Silver Sword’ by Ian Serraillier

'Hope Leaves Jamaica' by Kate Elizabeth Ernest


The History of Britain’s Slave Trade by Channel 4

Bloody Foreigners by Channel 4 (looks at problems facing asylum seekers in Britain)

The Murder of Stephen Lawrence: drama-documentary by Granada TV

Not Black and White: race relations in Britain in 2001 by Channel 4

Mutiny: documentary about the British West Indies Regiment in the 1st World War by Channel 4

100% White: documentary about neo-Nazi skinheads by Channel 4

Auschwitz: The Forgotten Witness: British prisoners in Auschwitz by BBC

Hooligan '96