New resources

06 Nov 2001 / News

New resources are always being added to our library and are here to be borrowed. Here are some of our recent additions - contact us if you're interested in borrowing these, or any of our other resources.

Dissertations: 'National Funding at Grass Root Level: the Effectiveness of the Positive Futures Scheme in Shirecliffe, Sheffield' by Helen Johnston

'The History of Race and Ethnicity in Post-War UK Boxing, Athletics and Football' by David Vogwell

Reports: 'Community Pride not Prejudice: Making Diversity Work in Bradford' by Sir Herman Ouseley

'Football Unites, Racism Divides: an Evaluation of the Period 1998-2000' by Steve Bradbury

'The New Football Communities: a Survey of Professional Football Clubs on Issues of Community, Ethnicity and Social Inclusion' by Steve Bradbury

Books: 'Out of His Skin: the John Barnes Phenomenon' by Dave Hill

'Sir Vivian: the Definitive Autobiography' by Viv Richards

'The Diary of Anne Frank' by Anne Frank

'Kicking the Boy' Balls' by Jane Ashworth

New features added to this website include a link from the Links page to the new UEFA website, and new to the Online Resources page is a link to 'A Game of Two Halves: the Experiences of Black Footballers' by Malcolm & Last, which analyses the numbers of black players in England along with their positions, transfer fees and other issues.