Music unites!

31 Mar 2009 / News

Football Unites has been successful in obtaining £30,000 of grant funding from Youth Music (Power Play) to develop and run a music project in two areas of Sheffield. The project, which has been named ‘Sound Kickers’ will give young people the opportunity and support to develop their own music project , encouraging them to explore a range of issues such as community, health, relationships, race, culture and diversity.  

The two areas of the city Sound Kickers will focus on are Sharrow and Parson Cross, thus linking them to Sheffield United and Sheffield Wednesday football clubs, both of whom are on board as partner agencies.  Additional partner agencies include: youth organisations such as Sheffield Futures and Chilypep (‘Children and Young People’s Empowerment Project’); and music organisations such as ‘Musicleader Yorkshire’, Sheffield Music Services and ‘Sheffield Live’ (community radio station).  Youth Music will also continue to provide ongoing support to the project. 

Sound Kickers will aim to engage a number of young people aged 8-18 across the two districts in quality music activity.  It will also recruit a number of young volunteers and develop them (through training and accredited opportunities) as young music leaders.  Additional opportunities will include: leading on music projects; the two communities collaborating on writing and recording tracks; performances at high profile events - which could include football match days or key locations around the city; giving young people a platform to share their ‘voice’ and develop their creativity.  

The two areas have very different demographics - particularly with regards to ethnicity and culture.  It is hoped that the project will provide opportunities to bring together young people from different backgrounds in positive ways in order to break down barriers, improve relationships and increase racial tolerance.