Listen to Radio Sheffield at 7pm on Friday 11th June!

07 Jun 2004 / News

‘Chantwriters’, the anti-racist writing group run in partnership with Football Unites, is still going and inviting new members. It recently recorded a session to be broadcast later this summer by Sheffield Live! internet radio station. Before that you can hear Ralph Hancock, the group’s leader, talking about Chantwriters on Ony Bright’s show on BBC Radio Sheffield at about 9pm on Friday 11th June. Also, look out for Chantwriters at Sharrow Festival on 10th July. As a taster, here’s one of Ralph’s most recent poems, which he’s called ‘Phoem’ – an answerphone message in verse! Contact Football Unites if you’re interested in Chantwriters.

T r u t h a n d R e c o n c i l i a t i o n

Your call is valuable to us,

leave a message after the tone.

We’ll play you a little Bob Marley while you wait

tell us how you like it,

leave a message on the phone.

You don’t? I see.

Your call is valuable to us,

please key in your account number and tele-pin.

Your balance is currently overdrawn

Your credit limit has been withdrawn.

Listen carefully to the following options:

if you wish to tell the truth Press 1,

if you are not racist but…Press 2,

you voted for the BNP Press 3.

Leave a number after the long tone,

we’ll get back to you when you’re free.

Your call is valuable to us.

Your call may be monitored for training purposes:

if you wish to say you’re sorry Press 4,

if you want to be reconciled Press 5.

To confirm Press 1

Otherwise please hold for an operator.