invitation to tender for the redevelopment and redesign of our websites

08 Dec 2015 / News

Football Unites, Racism Divides (FURD) would like to invite tenders for the redevelopment and redesign of two websites:



The deadline for submission is 5pm, Monday 21 December 2015. For informal enquiries, please contact Simon Hyacinth or Mehrun Ahmed at FURD on 0114 2589601 or 2587787. Completed submissions should be emailed to

To be considered, you should state the cost for the overall project, and describe when tranches 1, 2 & 3 will be completed. Please also provide URLs of some recent work, together with contact details for references

Project specification:


Both websites need to retain existing functionality. However, please separate out the costs for any element of functionality which might significantly increase the cost. If it is beyond our budgets we may decide not to include expensive functionality (such as the search function on the FURD library).

CMS & hosting

The site should be built utilising an Open Source CMS. It is the developer/designer's responsibility to source a suitable CMS, and a virtual server hosting service with an ISP to host it. The chosen hosting service shall be owned by FURD, who will pay for it directly with the ISP supplier.

The developer will install and configure the CMS on the server, along with any other software required for its use, and make any configurations necessary to prepare the server for use as a Internet-facing web-server.

We will also consider proposals based on web building software such as Squarespace and similar platforms.


The CMS should be easy to use by non-technical staff at FURD. The developer will provide a training session to the staff on its use.


We will provide updated logos for both FURD and UMix and visuals for the re-branded look that has just been developed for us by a graphic designer (copies available on request if you need it for the quote).

Template design

The developer should design templates for:

- home page,

- a section page,

- a content page,

- a news article list page,

- a news article page,

- an email subscribe page.


U-Mix website: please specify a cost for populating the CMS with all the existing content.

FURD website: again, please specify a cost for populating the CMS with the existing content.

Please note with reference to the current archive of 15 years' worth of news article content. FURD can provide this news archive to the developer in CSV, XML, Excel or Access DB format.

URL redirects

The developer will provide URL redirects to permanently redirect all of the current news article URLs to their new location, so as to maintain the site's search engine ranking. Although FURD envisage redoing all the site's content and hierarchy from scratch, any pages corresponding between the old and new will also need permanent redirects.

Mobile first/Responsive design

The website must be designed primarily to function on mobile devices, utilising a stacked layout, with large text and buttons, scrolling vertically without having to scroll horizontally or zoom in/out. Absolutely positioned overlays should be avoided to ensure that their content is not positioned off-screen. The site's navigation should change to a 'Burger' icon, with all previously displayed options now displayed in the drop-down menu that appears when it is clicked/key-pressed.

On desktop devices, the layout should readjust to a multi-columned display, with normal sized text and buttons. The navigation should make more appropriate use of the space available. Horizontal scrolling should not be present on 1024 displays and above.

Target browsers

- Chrome v43 or greater,

- Firefox v40 or greater,

- IE v11,

- MS Edge,

- Safari v9 or greater

On recent Windows, Mac, IOS and Android devices.

Standards & accessibility

The site should be coded using modern standards, including HTML5 and CSS3, appropriate for the target browsers. The correct and appropriate tags should be used to aid SEO. The site should comply with the WCAG 2.0 level AA guidelines, with many of the AAA criteria also achieved.


The work will be delivered and paid for in 3 tranches:

- Tranche 1: Design approved - 25% payable;

- Tranche 2: Delivery of CMS site and training - 50% payable;

- Tranche 3: Snagging & completion - 25% payable.