International Women’s Day celebrations

13 Mar 2024 / News

Unveiling of the mural with ArtWorks and Sheffield Council 8th March 2024
Unveiling of the mural with ArtWorks and Sheffield Council 8th March 2024 (Image: FURD)
We celebrated International Women's Day on Friday 8th March by unveiling our new women's football-themed mural in the cafe area at the U-Mix Centre. The mural, inspired by the Lionesses and the Women's Euros, was commissioned by Sheffield City Council and created by artists from Art Works South Yorkshire as a legacy of the city's Women's Euros arts and heritage programme. Visitors can now digest some women's football fun facts with their coffee.

Following the unveiling, members of FURD's women's football group attended a screening of the brilliant documentary Copa '71 at the Showroom Cinema. The film tells the tory of an unofficial Women's World Cup held in Mexico in 1971.

The previous day, we held a coffee morning to thank some of our female volunteers who help in our kitchen, most of whom are women seeking sanctuary. The group also got creative with henna and mini art. Here are some of their creations.

IWD art and coffee morning 7th March 2024
IWD art and coffee morning 7th March 2024 (Image: FURD)
We want to extend our appreciation to the female leaders in the community who have played a crucial role in fostering positive change. At FURD, we are delighted to have partnered with all of you in different capacities. Additionally, we would like to acknowledge and thank our dedicated staff members, trustees, and volunteers for their valuable contributions to enhancing FURD. Throughout our projects, we have organized various events to celebrate the accomplishments of each individual.

Here is a tribute to you all from one of the participants from the Phoenix project.


What can you say

Women are a gift

They are strong, motivated and dedicated

Women of FURD collage for IWD 2024
Women of FURD (Image: FURD)
And that’s just the start

They do things from the heart

Most times they just smile

Because they are sublime

They are a great force

Because they spread love and are diverse

Happy International Women's Day