FURD's Euro 2008 blog update

11 Jun 2008 / News

Tuesday, June 10:

Well it's been a quiet couple of days for the FURD Streetkick team in Geneva.

If it wasn't for the giant football supended spectacularly on top of a 100 metre fountain in the middle of Lake Geneva you'd struggle to notice that anything out of the ordinary was going on - apart that is from the beautiful purpose-built Streetkick pitch on the Place du Rhone, slap-bang next to the lake.

It seems that the pattern here will see life as normal apart from match days, so we are looking forward to tomorrow, when Portugal meet Czech Republic.

There are over 30,000 Portuguese living in Geneva, and there are many more of their flags to be seen hanging from apartment buildings than Swiss ones.

They certainly painted the old town red and green after their 2-0 win on Saturday.

There are a few English fans here, and all of them have commented how much they are enjoying themselves without the spectre of the hooligan hardcore hovering nearby.

The tournament is definitely not the same without the English here, but many of the fans we met think that's a welcome relief.