FURD Veterans defy age to win open age festival

03 May 2022 / News

FURD Veterans at Springfest 2022 - FURD Veterans at Sheffield & Hallamshire County FA Springfest 23rd April 2022
(Image: Chris Wharton/Sheffield & Hallamshire County FA)
Sheffield & Hallamshire County FA held a recreational football festival called Springfest for 8 teams at Rotherham Football Centre on 23rd April 2022. The event was part of a drive to encourage more women to play football outside of competitive 11-a-side league teams.

FURD has been running recreational football sessions for women for the last nine years, attracting women of many different ages and backgrounds. On this occasion FURD's representatives were all aged between 41 and 64.

While the event was more about playing for fun than winning, we hope our team can be forgiven for celebrating coming out top against much younger teams! 

FURD Veterans with Springfest trophy April 2022
(Image: Chris Wharton/Sheffield & Hallamshire County FA)
New players are always welcome at our sessions - we offer both running and walking football sessions for all ages.