FURD iftar on 25th March 2024

03 Apr 2024 / News

Tables ready for iftar 25th March 2024
(Image: FURD)
On Monday 25th March 2024, FURD hosted an iftar where we invited our volunteers, partners, trustees and friends of all faiths or none to a free meal at the U-Mix Centre. Iftar is the breaking of the fast that takes place at sunset every day during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan when it is traditional for Muslims to fast. 

As well as being an opportunity for us to show our appreciation for those who support us, it was also a chance for people involved in different strands of our work to meet and learn about each other, and about the breadth of FURD's work.

We would like to express our appreciation to Crown Events and Indus Restaurant.

Here are some comments from attendees:

"Thank you for such an amazing iftar!"

"Well organised and lovely gathering".

"Wonderful event".

"I feel loved here at U-Mix".

People at our iftar 25th March 2024
(Image: FURD)
"U-Mix, this place has become more like home. I love coming here for my exercise".

"It was, as always with a FURD event, well run, informative, inclusive and very enjoyable.

Thanks to all who organised it and in particular to all those who worked so very hard on the night too.
Thanks to the chefs for the incredible food, those who transported it, dished it out and to all those who gave up their time to ensure everyone was well fed and catered for.

FURD, you never cease to amaze with the work you do, and last night was no exception.
The words from the speakers, the thoughts for those around the world less fortunate than ourselves, the inclusiveness and diversity, the community spirit and togetherness.
The Love, Peace and Respect.

Thank you".