FURD celebrates 70k grant from Local Sustainability Fund

27 Mar 2016 / News

Football Unites are celebrating an award of 70870 from the Local Sustainability Fund.

Cabinet Office has named the final organisations working in the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector that will receive nearly 9 million through the Local Sustainability Fund. All of these organisations work with vulnerable and disadvantaged people and the funding will help enhance and secure the future of their services.

The funding, delivered by the Big Lottery Fund, will help smaller charities to implement organisational change and access professional advice that might currently be out of their reach.

The grants will also give these organisations access to a wider range of skills and support, including providing all grant recipients with the opportunity to establish a strong volunteering relationship with a local business. These cross sector relationships will help grant recipients to strengthen their resilience and long term sustainability.

The funding will be delivered over the next 12 months and recipients will work with local businesses and skilled advisors to make sure that they can make the most impact with the funding they have received.

Minister for Civil Society, Rob Wilson, said:

Many congratulations to those successful in their Local Sustainability Fund applications. The fund will equip smaller charities with the skills they need to firm up their long-term sources of income and reduce their dependence on short term funding solutions.

Joint Director of FURD, Mehrun Ahmed, commented:

We are delighted to be selected for financial support from the LSF. Their support will help us achieve our key task of turning the UMix Centre into a profitable operation that makes a positive financial contribution to the charity. This will then help enable FURD to achieve both our vision of developing connected, cohesive communities, reduce discrimination and challenge inequality, and our mission to support young people and communities in accessing new opportunities that will help them overcome disadvantage.

Big Lottery Fund will be administering the Local Sustainability Fund on behalf of the Cabinet Office. The Fund was launched in June 2015, with up to 20 million in total to invest.