FREE online talk: Forgotten Heroes: The Story of the Early Black Football Pioneers

27 Apr 2021 / News


Albert Johanneson
Albert Johanneson
At 12.30pm on Friday 21st May, there's a great opportunity to find out about some of the earliest black footballers.

FURD's Chair and founder, Howard Holmes, is giving a free online talk on the subject as part of the WEA (Workers' Educational Association) 'Celebrating Diversity' festival.

FURD has been uncovering and spreading the hidden stories of football's Black Pioneers since its inception in 1995, beginning with leading a campaign to build a headstone on Arthur Wharton's unmarked grave in 1997. The story of the first black professional and world record sprint champion had been forgotten since his death in 1930. Arthur's achievements prove there was a black presence at the dawn of the professional game, and we will explore his story in detail, as well as Walter Tull, Albert Johanneson and other black pioneers, many of whom were unknown outside of their club.

Find more information and book a place for the webinar at the link below: