Football Unites vows to bounce back after double blow

29 Jul 2004 / News

FURD staff and volunteers have been left reeling from a double blow that has seriously disrupted the work of the project.

The first setback came when the freight container bringing Streetkick home from Portugal was found to be empty on opening in Sheffield. It appears that the crate was broken into and the contents stolen - game, generator, blower, pa, mike, voltage regulator, footballs - whilst waiting for the freight company to pick it up from Porto.

Worse though was to follow when thieves attacked The Stables building late on Saturday 24 July, stealing and damaging computers, printers and photocopiers, before trashing the FURD office and then attempting to burn rhe place down. Luckily firefighters arrived in time to prevent the whole building being destroyed.

The Stables has been closed by the owners, Sheffield City Council, whilst repairs and renovation take place. It is not expected to reopen until November.

Football Unites staff are now searching for a temporary base, and details will be posted here. Sheffield United provided have emergency accomodation at the Blades Business Centre.

We┬┤ll be back.