Football Unites volunteers feature in Gordon Brown's book

30 Jul 2007 / News

Kevin Titterton, whose volunteer work at FURD began in its early days when he single-handedly built the project’s Streetkick mobile football game, now acts as secretary for Sharrow United, a multicultural team which has recently been promoted to Division One of the Meadowhall Sunday Football League. He has also been an enthusiastic volunteer for the Football Unites library.

Desbon came to the project in 2000 as a newly-arrived asylum seeker from war-torn Burundi, and, an exciting young footballer, was soon turning out for Sheffield United reserves, before eventually becoming a Millennium Volunteer, and now a qualified FA coach with FURD.

‘I found Desbon’s story particularly moving, because in helping so many people to make changes in their lives, he has been able to build a new life for himself; in helping others participate in their communities, he has found his own community’. Gordon Brown.

The book was produced in partnership with Community Links and is published by Mainstream Publishing. It is available to borrow from the Football Unites library. The chapter about Kevin and Desbon can be read in our Online Resources.