Football Stories - why does football matter to you?

21 Oct 2014 / News

FURD is hosting an intriguing Off the Shelf Festival event at the U-Mix Centre this Friday 24th October, when local writers and people from across the city's footballing divide will come together to tell their football stories.

The event, which has support from the Fare network, falls within the "Football People weeks" which bring together groups of all sizes in over 40 countries to challenge discrimination and celebrate the contribution we all make to football, wherever we live, whatever our connection to the game, whatever our background.

Work has also been done with students from King Ecgbert's and with the Roma community and their football stories will be told at the event too.

Howard Holmes from FURD said: "Football is a unifying language and all those who play and watch the game have stories to tell. We want to celebrate the things that bring football fans together from across the city. Why is football important in life? What are your first football memories? - that first game your mum, dad or grandad took you to, your favourite matches, despairs, triumphs, real life stories, poems, a favourite piece of football writing: anything that people want to share really."

Author Steven Kay said: "It's great to be working with FURD. I'll read from my novel about Rabbi Howell, the first Romani professional; but the exciting thing will be getting people from across the city and from the different communities, sharing stories, poems, memories about this beautiful game that Sheffield brought to the world. I can't wait to see what happens on the night. I'm also looking forward to hearing fellow Blade, Matthew Bell, talk about Jimmy Revill, a member of United's FA cup winning side in 1915 who subsequently died in combat in the Great War. Then, another highlight will be Laura Jones, top blogger and fan columnist for the Sheffield Star, who will provide some blue and white balance. She has a really moving piece to read about her childhood memories of the Hillsborough disaster."

Everyone is welcome, £2 admission but free if you bring a football story to tell. We get underway at 7.00pm.