Euro 2008 blog - Austria v Germany and Turkey v Czech Republic

18 Jun 2008 / News

Monday, June 16

The warmest day of the tour thus far, and the much awaited clash between one of the host countries (Austria) and the Germans - which had turned out to be a qualification decider.

Many of the locals seemed resigned to the fact that Austria had little chance of qualification - but were determined to enjoy the occasion anyway.

In terms of Streetkick the fact that it was a normal working day meant that there were relatively low numbers of fan groups, however, this was balanced by the fact that it allowed team to work all day with the large numbers of young children that were around.

Sunday, June 15

The Streetkick team were given a day off to recharge their batteries and take in some of the beautiful scenery the Innsbruck has to offer.
The group decided to spend a day in the mountains, which meant taking a train and two cable cars up into the Alps.

At 2,500 metres above sea level the general consensus amongst the group was that the scenery was breathtaking - but so too was the cold.

The team's evening meal provided the opportunity to go into town and watch Turkey's very exciting last league game against the Czech Republic - which of course they won.

The result of Turkey's late qualification to the knock-out stage brought the whole substantial Turkish community out in celebration.

Car horns pipped and a procession of Turkish fans paraded around the city centre all night waving flags and chanting - the noise was deafening.