'Defending Multiculturalism' book launch

25 Oct 2011 / News

Last week saw the Sheffield launch of a new book. 'Defending Multiculturalism: A Guide for the Movement', edited by Hassan Mahamdallie, is a vibrant, hard-hitting and informative collection of essays that sets out to defend Britain’s multicultural way of life. The contributors challenge David Cameron and others’ assertions that multiculturalism is to blame for dividing society.

'Defending Multiculturalism' includes chapters by numerous contributors including poet Benjamin Zephaniah, children's author Michael Rosen, University of Sheffield Professor Danny Dorling, Professor Tariq Modood from the University of Bristol and Ken Livingstone, former Mayor of London. The book also includes poetry and photo essays.

The launch was hosted by Sheffield Unite Against Fascism with speakers including Professor Danny Dorling, Weyman Bennett, the joint national secretary of Unite Against Fascism, who also contributed to the book, John Campbell, the Chair of Sheffield UAF, Rashida Islam from Sheffield University Black Students' Committee and Penny Kay, Chair of Sheffield and District Reform Jewish Congregation.

FURD was mentioned by Rashida Islam alongside Sheffield Unite Against Fascism, Love Music Hate Racism and One Sheffield, Many Cultures as being examples of 'society at its best'.

The book, which is published by Bookmarks Publications, can be borrowed from FURD's library.