David McGoldrick

13 Jul 2020 / News

David McGoldrick cropped
(Image: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_McGoldrick#/media/File:Chelsea_2_Sheffield_Utd_2_(48655105763)_(cropped).jpg)
FURD is appalled but not surprised at the racist abuse received by David McGoldrick following the Blades 3-0 win against Chelsea. 'Didzy' scored his first Premiership goals on Saturday and was rewarded by a volley of disgusting abuse on social media.
FURD chairman Howard Holmes commented:
"Didzy is a true leader, hugely respected by his teammates and fans. These keyboard cowards are the tip of the iceberg and Black players have been racially abused since Arthur Wharton became the world's first Black professional, for the Blades at Sunderland in February 1895. Everyone opposed to the re-emergence of racism in football needs to speak out, regardless of the colour of their skin. This is not a time to stay quiet whilst their fellow professionals and the players that fans admire suffer because Black lives do matter".