Continuation of BBC Children in Need Funding

17 Mar 2015 / News

We are delighted to announce that BBC Children in Need have granted the continuation of their funding to us for the next three years from February 2015 to January 2018. The funding enables us to help young people around Sheffield from ages five years and above, to overcome a wide range of social issues through football.

This is fantastic news for us as a charity that is limited on funding, as it enables us to continue running free and subsidised football sessions, including structured coaching, to children and young people.

The sessions that run at Sheffield United Football Academy in Shirecliffe and at the U-Mix youth & community centre at Lowfield Park will continue to run, working with high numbers of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds including Black and Minority Ethnic individuals who are in difficult situations both socially and economically.

We provide regular football activity to help bring people together to aid a sense of belonging while assisting them in overcoming inequality barriers that they face in everyday life. This is achieved by giving them a space to learn and perfect new skills which improves their self-esteem creating a more confident individual.

The interactions and experiences that are shared amongst the young people are vital in gaining a foothold in society. FURD also offers wider opportunities including youth work, informal education, music, holiday programmes and even volunteering, all of which are stepping stones to higher education and employment, meaning a better quality of life.

Once again we are extremely grateful for the continuation of funding which allows us to help an incredible amount of people to have a better future.