Anti-discrimination in football conference coming to Sheffield

22 Jan 2002 / News

FURD, in partnership with the FARE (Football Against Racism in Europe) network, is hosting a European conference on anti-discimination in sports and football in Sheffield from 8th-9th February. The objectives of the conference are:

to identify and raise awareness of the recurring problems of racism, xenophobia and anti-religious discrimination (anti-semitism, sectarianism, Islamophobia) in football

to link the fight against racism with the fight against discrimination based on gender and/or sexual orientation

exchange of good practice, information and educational materials

to raise the capacity of grass-roots organisations to become pro-active against discrimination on a local level

The conference is aimed particularly at fan-groups, anti-racist football initiatives, migrant organisations and other anti-discrimination groups, but researchers, football associations, clubs and players´ unions may wish to attend.

If you are interested in this conference, or would like more information, please email the conference organiser Lisa Sultanti or telephone 00 44 114 2553156.