Ahmed Hassan

16 Jul 2009 / News

Ahmed Hassan, who tragically died in Monday's accident, had been attending coaching sessions at Football Unites, Racism Divides for several years, first at Firvale Sports Centre, and later at Sheffield United’s Academy at Shirecliffe.

FURD coach Luis Silva, who had coached Ahmed since he was a small boy, described Ahmed as: “A very quiet, gentle young man who loved his football. He was always willing to help with team duties, often staying behind after games to help take down the goalnets and collect corner flags”

“He never complained if he was substituted, and his dream was to be good enough to be recommended to Sheffield United’s Academy. He was always eager to learn - he regularly asked how his game was progressing, and I gave him exercises to keep practising.  

“He was a regular with FURD’s Positive Futures team and a dependable, unfussy full-back.”

FURD Coordinator Howard Holmes, who accompanied the team to the Mondiali Antirazzisti tournament in Bologna added: “Ahmed thoroughly enjoyed his experience playing in Italy, and was very friendly with the opposing team members, playing the game in a very fair-minded manner. He was an absolute credit to the project, his family and the Yemeni community in Sheffield, both as a footballer, but more importantly, as an excellent young person and member of society.”

Ahmed is pictured third from the left on the back row with the Positive Futures team, many of whom went on the trip to Italy.