YOUNG40: Amazing Arthur! Picture Book

A True Story About the Amazing Arthur Wharton

  1. Format: Booklet
  2. Published: 2004
  3. Author: Doncaster Museum Service; Rotherham Local Studies
  4. Publisher: Doncaster Museum Service; Rotherham Local Studies
  5. Catalogue Code: YOUNG40
  6. Quantity: 1
  7. Price: £0.00
Full colour booklet looking at the life of Arthur Wharton, the world's first black professional footballer. It was designed with families and young people in mind. It was produced as a joint project between Doncaster Museum Service and Rotherham Local Studies and Archives section. It can be used in conjunction with Arthur Wharton Doncaster Museum Loans Boxes (available from the Museum, not from FURD)User feedback: "We loved the presentation methods used in this book and will use the ideas when we present the work done by the children" (Primary school teacher).

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