RACE169: Made in Bradford

  1. Format: Book
  2. Published: 0
  3. Author: Alam, M Y
  4. Publisher: Route
  5. ISBN: 9781901927320
  6. Catalogue Code: RACE169
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The aftermath of the Bradford Riots in 2001 and subsequent reports on how the city is constructed, provoked novelist and academic M Y Alam into generating a report of his own. As part of the research process, he spent time interviewing British Pakistani men and gathered their views on issues which are generally prone to misrepresentation elsewhere. Over a period of time these sessions became much more than the usual researcher and research subject kind of relationship. In some cases, they developed into full blown conversations amongst friends.Made in Bradford compiles a series of transcripts from those conversations and paints a vivid picture of everyday life that reads almost as a counter-narrative to the prevaling direction of current debates.

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