RACE165: Trial and Error

Learning About Racism Through Citizenship Education

  1. Format: CD-ROM
  2. Published: 2003
  3. Author: Dadzie, Stella
  4. Publisher: Department for Education and Skills
  5. Catalogue Code: RACE165
  6. Quantity: 1
  7. Price: £0.00
A resource for teachers and others wanting to develop young people's awareness, key skills and knowledge of racism, identity and diversity issues at Key Stage 3 & 4. Invites young people aged 11-16 to explore and resolve problems that arise in the world because of racism, stereotyping and fear of differences. Asked to imagine they are part of a jury or tribunal, their challenge is to assess evidence from conflicting witnesses and reach a considered verdict. The CD includes information sheets, activity sheets, visual images and teachers' notes.

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