RACE153: Profiles of Prejudice

The Nature of Prejudice in England: In-Depth Analysis of Findings

  1. Format: Report
  2. Published: 2003
  3. Author: Citizenship 21 - part of Stonewall
  4. Publisher: Citizenship 21 - part of Stonewall
  5. ISBN: 0954132629
  6. Catalogue Code: RACE153
  7. Quantity: 1
  8. Price: £0.00
A report based on the findings of a MORI opinion poll, which examine the links between different types of prejudice such as racism, homophobia and disablism. It shows how people who are prejudiced against one group are more likely to be prejudiced against the others, but also how personal contact with minority groups decreases the likelihood of prejudice by 50%. Produced by Citizenship 21, a project run by the Stonewall gay rights lobby group.

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