RACE148: Britain My Britain

  1. Format: Video
  2. Published: 2003
  3. Author: BBC2
  4. Catalogue Code: RACE148
  5. Quantity: 1
  6. Price: £0.00
Parts 1, 2 and 3 of a documentary series shown on BBC2 on 14th & 17th April and 1st May 2003. The series follows the attempts of refugees as they try to settle in Britain. Each episode lasts 40 minutes. Part 2 features Greek and turkish Cypriots, an American ex-vicar with a conviction for gun possession, a Somali single father and a Somali anti-khat campaigner. Part 3 looks at some Orthodox Jews, an Iraqi asylum-seeker, Azerbaijani and Armenian students, and a multi-racial asylum-seekers' football team entering a league.

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