RACE140: Three Faces of British Racism

A Special Report

  1. Format: Report
  2. Published: 2001
  3. Author: Race and Class Journal
  4. Publisher: Institute of Race Relations
  5. ISBN: 0761966994
  6. Catalogue Code: RACE140
  7. Quantity: 1
  8. Price: £6.00
A special edition of the journal Race and Class (volume 43, number 2, Oct-Dec 2001), examining state, institutional, and popular racism in contemporary Britain. Includes on p117-123 a 'roll-call of death' - 91 people who have died in Britain due to racism between February 1999 and April 2001.Reader feedback: "I found this book very useful, and it's written in a language I can relate to" (by Mehrun)

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