RACE136: Tolerance in Diversity

The Video Documentary of an Exchange Programme

  1. Format: Video
  2. Published: 1998
  3. Author: Holloway, David; Kuznetzkoff, Dana; Macaliley, Ira
  4. Publisher: Youth Work Press
  5. ISBN: 0861551982
  6. Catalogue Code: RACE136
  7. Quantity: 1
  8. Price: £14.99
Pack containing a booklet and a 35-minute video, narrated by Danny Glover, about two diverse groups of young people from London and Los Angeles. They took part in the Tolerance in Diversity exchange programme which explored the racial hatred and conflict within themselves and their communities. From this experience they were able to create a model of how to change themselves and their communities and present a new attitude of acceptance to young people across the globe.

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