FOOT82A-FOOT82B: Racism and Anti-Racism in Football

  1. Format: Book
  2. Published: 2001
  3. Author: Garland, Jon; Rowe, Michael
  4. Publisher: Palgrave
  5. ISBN: 0333964225
  6. Catalogue Code: FOOT82A-FOOT82B
  7. Quantity: 2
  8. Price: £15.99
Explores the key issues of nationalism, identity and racism in British football. Looks at the history of black footballers and the types of racism they've experienced. Examines the influence of extreme right-wing groups among fans. Evaluates some of the anti-racist initiatives, including FURD, and policing strategies. Also looks at the xenophobia in the British media coverage of Euro 96 and France 98.

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