FOOT57: FURD/MV Launch; Phil Vasili; Rachel Anderson

  1. Format: Video
  2. Published: 2000
  3. Author: Sky TV, ITV
  4. Publisher: Sky TV, ITV
  5. Catalogue Code: FOOT57
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Compilation video: 1: David Blunkett speaking at the launch of the Football Unites Millennium Volunteers project at Sheffield United FC. Sky Sport News, 7/2/00, 1 minute2: Phil Vasili talking about his new book 'Colouring Over the White Line: the History of Black Footballers in Britain' with Richie Moran talking about racism in football. ITV2, 'Game Girls', April 00, 5 minutes3: Interview with Rachel Anderson, football agent, 'Game Girls', ITV2, April 00, 5 minutes

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