FOOT25: Football Unites, Racism Divides

Compilation tape

  1. Format: Video
  2. Published: 1998
  3. Catalogue Code: FOOT25
  4. Quantity: 1
  5. Price: £0.00
Compilation video tape of television coverage of Football Unites, Racism Divides-related stories. Contains:1. BBC1, Look North, May 1996: feature about Arthur Wharton, 2m 30seconds.2. BBC2, Black Britain, c. 1997: Shaka Hislop telling Arthur Wharton's story, 5 m 40 seconds 3. BBC2, Black Britain, May 1997: v. brief update on on the Wharton story - film of the unveiling of the headstone, 1m 50. 4: BBC1, Look North, 1996-7: the 'Sheffield Divided or United?' report, 4m 40 sec.5. Channel 4, 'First Edition': feature on Asians in football, inc footage and interviews with people FURD works with, 18 minutes. This is also on the video with 'Great Britain United' at FOOT15.

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