FOOT152a-152b: South African Footballers in Britain

  1. Format: Paper
  2. Published: 2009
  3. Author: Johnson, Ruth; Holmes, Howard; Vasili, Phil
  4. Publisher: Football Unites, Racism Divides
  5. Catalogue Code: FOOT152a-152b
  6. Quantity: 2
  7. Price: £0.00
A research paper prepared by Football Unites, Racism Divides for the District Six Museum in Cape Town, South Africa. The paper formed the basis of the exhibition 'Offside! - Kick Out Ignorance - Football Unites, Racism Divides' on show at the museum from June 2010-June 2011. It charts the history of S. African players' migration to Britain from 1899-2009, set against the social and political backgground of both countries and the relationships between the countries. This paper is also available, with only minor amendments, as a download from FURD's website 'Online Resources' page.

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