FOOT137a-c: A Century Apart?

  1. Format: Booklet
  2. Published: 2007
  3. Author: Daniel, Peter
  4. Publisher: Creative Energy
  5. ISBN: 0953429652
  6. Catalogue Code: FOOT137a-c
  7. Quantity: 3
  8. Price: £4.00
A booklet aimed at children telling the stories, in verse, with footnotes, of Arthur Wharton and Paul Elliott. It is illustrated by Ted Smith-Orr. Through these stories of two black footballers playing in England 100 years apart, the booklet aims to offer the reader an insight into the black contribution to football, the obstacles the players had to overcome, and over a century of black people's experience of living in Britain.User feedback: "We loved the poetry and illustrations in this book. Many children were inspired to write their own poems and verses about Arthur Wharton". (Primary school teacher).

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