FOOT127: Football and Racism

An Inventory of the Problems and Solutions in 8 W. European Countries in the…

  1. Format: Book
  2. Published: 2005
  3. Author: Van Sterkenburg, Jacco; Janssens, Jan; Rijnen, Bas
  4. Publisher: Arko Sports Media
  5. ISBN: 9077072993
  6. Catalogue Code: FOOT127
  7. Quantity: 1
  8. Price: £0.00
This book was commissioned by the King Baudouin Foundation who have the task of administering and allocating to anti-racist football projects the money raised from the sale of Nike's 'Stand Up, Speak Up' anti-racist wristbands. The W.J.H. Mulier Institute conducted research into racism in football, and measures to stop it, in 8 European countries, and this book lays out the results of the research. The book mentioned FURD and FURD helped with the research. The countries covered are the UK, (predominantly England), France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

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