FOOT120: Racial Equality in Football

A Survey

  1. Format: Report
  2. Published: 2004
  3. Author: Welch, Mel; Spracklen, Karl; Pilcher, Amanda
  4. Publisher: Commission for Racial Equality
  5. ISBN: 1854425536
  6. Catalogue Code: FOOT120
  7. Quantity: 1
  8. Price: £0.00
An abridged version of a report compiled by Welch et al from Leeds Metropolitan University. It is an analysis of responses to questionnaires which the CRE sent to the 92 professional football clubs and 45 county football associations in England,and various national football organisations. The aim was to generate findings that would help the CRE determine its next steps. It is also available as a PDF on the FURD website and CRE website.

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