FOOT102: Black Flash

A Century of Black Footballers

  1. Format: Video
  2. Published: 2003
  3. Author: BBC4
  4. Catalogue Code: FOOT102
  5. Quantity: 1
  6. Price: £0.00
Uses interviews and archive footage to illustrate how much progress has been made in British football by black players, and at what cost. Shown on BBC4 on Sunday 21/10/03, as part of BBC4's season of football films and documentaries. Running time 85 minutes.Players featured include, in this order, Arthur Wharton, Walter Tull, Lloyd 'Lindy' Delapenha, Charlie Williams, Albert Johanneson, Ces Podd, Mike Trebilcock, Eusebio, Clyde Best, Luther Blissett, Cyrille Regis, Laurie Cunniingham, Regis again, Brendon Batson, Cunningham again, Justin Fashanu, Viv Anderson, John Fashanu, John Barnes, Mark Walters, Paul Elliott, Ian Wright.

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