COMM18a-18b: Welcome to Sheffield

Advice for Refugees about Services Available in Sheffield (2003)

  1. Format: Booklet
  2. Published: 2003
  3. Author: Harvey, Paul; Safe Haven
  4. Publisher: Safe Haven
  5. Catalogue Code: COMM18a-18b
  6. Quantity: 2
  7. Price: £0.00
An information booklet for asylum-seekers in Sheffield who have been granted refugee status or leave to remain. It is designed to help them make the transition to independent living. It contains contacts and information about benefits, housing, health, employment, education, families and leisure. Copy COMM18b is in English and may be borrowed. COMM18a is a set of master sheets in English, Amharic, Arabic, Farsi, French, Kurdish, Pushto, Portuguese, Somali, Tamil, Tigrignia, Turkish and Urdu. They are not to be borrowed but can be consulted in the library or photocopies can be made.

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