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Arthur Wharton Heritage Project: Creative Activities

In autumn 2011, FURD's Arthur Wharton Heritage Project (AWHP) began working with schools in South Yorkshire, where Wharton spent much of his life. The school workshops aim to spread awareness of Wharton's story among young people and to help them to produce creative, original work inspired by his life and achievements.

Artist Colin Yates worked with Year 8 students at Westbourne School, Sheffield, over four sessions, and in July 2012, ran a two-day workshop at Dinnington Secondary School, Rotherham. Colin said,

"I always try and create an environment where youngsters feel free to express themselves without overly worrying about making mistakes. Although I do insist that pupils always laugh at my jokes, however feeble.

No worries at Westbourne School. The Year 8 pupils were incredibly inventive and very, very motivated.

The class created a range of high quality artwork. A pleasant surprise for me was the amount of three-dimensional artwork that the group created. I think much of this inspiration can be attributed to their regular art-teacher Mr. Farn.

The youngsters also learnt much about Arthur Wharton and diligently researched his life and times.

Up there with my best teaching experiences. A very welcoming school and staff. A big thank you to the Year 8 pupils, Mr. Farn and Mr Hinchliffe."

Arthur as a miner depicted by Dinniington School pupils (Click for full size pop-up)
Arthur as a miner depicted by Dinnington School pupils
Arthur grave depicted by Dinnington School pupils (Click for full size pop-up)
Arthur's grave depicted by Dinnington School pupils

Mr Farn, the Westbourne pupils' art teacher, commented,

"It was a great opportunity for the children to take part in something outside of the curriculum and also develop their personal approach to Art and Design.

Colin was fantastic at introducing them to other ways of thinking and making. Giving them a chance to work in a much more open manner. The level and diversity of work produced reflected the nature of the workshop environment in which they worked".

Arthur depicted by Dinnington School pupils (Click for full size pop-up)
Arthur depicted by Dinnington School pupils
Westbourne School Arthur Wharton family tree (Click for full size pop-up)
Pupils working on Arthur Wharton's family tree!
Westbourne School Wharton save (Click for full size pop-up)
Wharton's unusual goalkeeping style!
Arthur Wharton by Westbourne School students (Click for full size pop-up)
Arthur by Westbourne School students
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