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The U-Mix Centre and Urban Mixtures

FURD moved in summer 2012 to a brand new building. The U-Mix Centre is a £2.5 million youth facillity on Lowfield Open Space, adjacent to Lowfield School between Bramall Lane, Queens Road and Asline Road in Sheffield.

The building was made possible by a grant from the Government's Myplace initiative to fund a new generation of youth centres, and by many years of hard work and lobbying by FURD and local partners. Football Unites, Racism Divides, working together with Sheffield City Council, are the lead partner.  

In order to ensure the centre meets the needs of young people in Sheffield, FURD has been active in supporting Urban Mixtures, a young people's steering group.

Urban Mixtures


What is Urban Mixtures?


Urban Mixtures is a young person steering group for the new Myplace building, ‘U-Mix’ located at Lowfield, Sheffield. The group was formed early in 2010 and has been meeting on Mondays every fortnight ever since. The young people in the group are known as Urban Mixtures Consultants.


What does the group do?


Urban Mixtures Consultants take a lead role on decision making on behalf of young people in Sheffield with regards to the new centre. The group members have been involved in consulting with the wider community, carrying out market research with local businesses, engaging with young people, public speaking, event management, meetings with the Lowfield operations group, designers and architects as well as lobbying and meeting MPs.


Members of the group have also used their creative skills in helping to produce relevant flyers, designs and logos which we have used for promotional purposes.


During their time the group has been active in promoting, branding, campaigning, consulting and bringing fresh new ideas to the table for this new exciting project. The group has had an input on interior and exterior design, security, resources and planned activities.


Who are the members?


The group consists of young people from all surrounding areas of Lowfield, from different backgrounds, races and cultures. The group has 10 permanent members ranging from the age of 16 to 24, who have been in the group from the start. Throughout the two years many other young people have joined, participated and have left due to university, work or lack of time, however still give their input where necessary.


How has the group benefitted?


The group has been put through various training programmes, accredited and non-accredited and received support from FURD staff and partners of the U-Mix project. All members have gained relevant qualifications, skills and training in areas of their interest. This has led on to some members gaining employment.


Many members were lacking skills, confidence and self esteem at the beginning of the formation of the group. However the group has bonded and worked together as a team with support from FURD to boost all these weaknesses and tackle any problems the group encountered.


What skills and training have the group received?


Some of the training and qualifications the group members have gained are:


Football coaching level 1
Cricket coaching Level 1
First Aid
Child protection
Food and Hygiene
Youth and community work Level 1
Youth and community work Level 2
Conflict Resolution



Building confidence
Building self esteem
Public speaking
Working together as a team
Social skills

Can anyone join?


YES… If you’re a young person living in Sheffield and would like to be part of this exciting project you can still become a member of the steering group, give your view or opinion on Facebook and stay informed by following us on Twitter @UrbanMixtures


For any more information you can contact Amjid Hafiz at FURD.


Everyone is welcome…


Join our Urban Mixtures Facebook group at!/profile.php?id=100001033662466&ref=ts  


Artist impression of Lowfield
Artist's impression of Lowfield open space with the U-Mix centre
Side view (Click for full size pop-up)
U-Mix Centre nearing completion May 2012
front view (Click for full size pop-up)
U-Mix Centre May 2012
Urban Mixtures group (Click for full size pop-up)
Urban Mixtures group members consulting at the Vibes & Unity festival

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